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The Mail Form

We no longer publish our e-mail addresses on the website. Please use this mail form to contact the Emmanuel Bigler.

The script checks the required fields for content and performs a check on the syntax of your e-mail address and website. Please note that “Your Website” is not a required field but only a full URL, including http(s)://, will be transmitted. The script may inform you of any faults. When all is well, you will see a confirmation page after clicking the “send” button.

The website does not use reCaptcha so there is no need for you to click on 15 fields showing cameras of a certain brand and after you have managed, another 10 show up to be dealt with, etc. To discourage robots sending automated messages to my mail box there is a simple question to be answered. Up till now that is amazingly effective and I hope not too much of a burden.

2.8 FX
Camera name shield.
Names of required fields are printed in boldface

Not required but only a full URL (http://.......) will be transmitted.