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Re: [Rollei] H1 filter for Tessar and Xenar only, why?


Correct.  That was the reason given for the "Sixth Element",
many years ago (sounds like the title of a sequel to a Bruce
Willis film).  Evidently, they said, the differences only showed
up with color transparencies like Kodachrome.

Now they say it was for increased correction.  I'll have to check
with Hr. Prochnow's book.

Yep!  It's there on page 16-376.


Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> I have found a Rollei catalogue dated 1961 promoting
> the Rolleiflex cameras and accesories for color
> photography.The following notice about the H1 in the
> page on the ROLLEI FILTERS is strange for me:
> "H1 (Not necessary for use with the 5-element Planar
> Xenotar and Sonnar) UV filter, especially designed for
> long distance colour photography...."etcetera. In
> other words, the filter is necessary for color
> photography for the Xenar, Tessar and Triotar only,
> not for the Xenotar and Planar, why?. The Tessar and
> Xenar have excellent color performance  using the
> modern color film, maybe the problem existed using the
> old color films with the Tessar and Xenar. I remember
> again the sixth element added for the Planar and
> Xenotar 3.5, maybe some problem with respect to these
> old color films.-
> All the best
> Carlos
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