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Re: [Rollei] WTB: Uncoated diffuse focus lens


Your use of the term "better quality lenses" was a relative term, I
presume.  Something like Sears terms of good, better and best for
some of their products.  I have never used a Woolensock lens that
was even merely adequate.  The best items they ever produced were
their binoculars.


Richard Knoppow wrote:

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> From: <SandersM  >
> To: <rollei  
> Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 8:51 PM
> Subject: [Rollei] WTB: Uncoated diffuse focus lens
> > I am in the market for a relatively short (7-9 inch) old
> uncoated diffuse
> > focus lens -- something like a Wollensak Verito or
> Velostigmat, or a Kodak
> > Portrait Lens.   Preferably, one set in or fitted to a
> shutter of some sort.   An 8
> > 3/4 inch Verito would be lovely, but make and condition
> are not that important
> > to me, and I'll consider anything that isn't too long.
> (I shoot in tight
> > quarters.)   Send me your old, your tired lenses yearning
> to be used.    :-)
> >
> > Sanders McNew
> > www.mcnew.net
> >
>   Wollensak Velostigmats are probably uncoated but are not
> soft focus lenses. Velostigmat was their trade name for
> their better quality lenses. The name was changed to Raptar
> about 1946, aboutt the same time as Wollensak began coating
> lenses. I don't know if any Velostigmats were coated or if
> any Raptars were uncoated but susupect that to be the case.
>   Wollensak made soft focus lenses under the names Verito,
> Voltas, Vesta, Vitax, and others. Do you get the idea they
> liked the letter "V"?
>   The Kodak portrait lens was made in 12" an 16" focal
> lengths. It is color corrected and coated. the 12" version
> came in either a barrel or an Ilex No.5 Universal shutter.
> The 16" version came only in a barrel.
>   If you don't need an extreme amount of softness a Goerz
> Dagor, used wide open, has enough residual spherical
> aberration to give slightly soft highlights.
> ---
> Richard Knoppow
> Los Angeles, CA, USA
> dickburk