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[Rollei] Magazine 150 exposures

 I wrote info on the Rolleimot two weeks ago saying on
the Rolleimot 2 the following:
"...2)Rolleimot 2 (1954?) made for the Rolleiflex TLR
 cameras outfitted with the magazine for 150 exposures
 made by Flashpot from Paris for Rolleiflex and
 Semflex.Only 10 (ten) Rolleimot 2 were made, its
 weight was 1900 gr..."

I have found a Rolleiflex 2.8F 1960 outfitted with the
magazine for 150 exposure¡¡¡ (it's the first time I
see one)
You can see it at:

All the best

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