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Re: [Rollei] Re: GPS

On Saturday, January 3, 2004, at 01:41  PM, Bernard Cousineau wrote:

> Somewhat on topic: let's say that a lab offered "copy-proof" proofs 
> that had some sort of surface treatment that made them impossible to 
> scan. Under the provisions of the DMCA, it would be illegal for me to 
> tell a photographer using this system that
> their prints could be copied using a digital camera, for instance, or 
> using a dulling spray. I am not a legal expert, so this is simply my 
> limited understanding of the law.

Kodak has a professional color paper which incorporates a pattern of 
tiny yellow dots.  You can't see them in the prints, but they somehow 
interfere with scanning.  I'm not sure of exactly how this works.  We 
ran into this problem at Shutterbug with Monte Zucker's articles.  He 
sent in prints from his pro lab to illustrate his articles, and the lab 
switched to this paper without telling Monte.  It drove our production 
people nuts because they simply could not get good scans of his images. 
  Consulting with Kodak revealed what the problem was and they sent us 
software which disabled the system so we could scan the prints.