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Re: [Rollei] Rollie Wide

Pablo Kolodny wrote:
> Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> > Come to think of it, why would you want to use a WA lens
> > for close ups?
> >
> > Jerry
> it'd be useful in fashion photography, an example would be a photo in which
> a close up of a model face or hips or legs or... could well lie on the
> foreground with lots of background areas still in focus if that was the
> desired effect.
> on the other side, my "normal" lens in 35 mm format is a Summicron 35, wish
> I had the chance to afford a TLR like THE wide with a SA lens in it !!
> Two old Rolleiwides were offered to me in my whole lifetime, I rejected
> getting any of both. First time I didn't have the money enough, second one I
> wouldn't have paid for a camera to be only collectable. It was in like new
> condition, asking almost $ 4,000.- Too much money to be playing with in
> streets or wherever else.
> And Jerry, getting closer with a slight wide angle lens would lead you to
> amazing imagery. Just try it out.
> Pablo

I have a big glossy fairly expensive book called I'm embarrassed to say:
"make a million in photography"

Lots of lavishly printed photos on every page of this guys work. I think
a Canadian.
Each shot done on 4x5 sheetfilm with Schneider 90 5.6 Super Angulonm
aybe before the XL came out Some a bit wider. A 70?
All real close to the toaster ovens. Very dramatic shots which i had no
doubt sold the client and the merch and made him rich.
Well i decided not to emulate that.
Wide, close and large format.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA