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RE: [Rollei] Screen


> > How do you know it's not a 42165, that is the exact same screen, but an
> > AcuteMatte?
> How would that affect the fact that the 42161 (one of the most common
> Hasselblad screens) had glass on top?

Does it have a clear glass top, like the AcuteMatte, or is it just a
separate fresnel/focusing screen?

> I have a few of those (42161) too, and i know that they're not
> Acute Mattes
> because these things weren't invented yet when i got them. ;-)

Understood, but I do not believe it has a thin sheet of clear glass like the
AcuteMatte screen does.

> By the way, "the exact same screen" can only mean "plain, with a reference
> cross". There the similarity ends.

Depends on how discriminating and knowledgeable you are.