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Re: [Rollei] Wondering how many on the list still do darkroom

Still do 35mm + 6x6 film processing (Jobo).
Haven't done any darkroom printing since obtaining Epson 2100 around 3
months ago (similar to 2200).
I've recently purchased a Canon G3 for a 'first look' at digital capture,
but I'm also looking to upgrade the 6008i to a 6008AF so film will be in my
home (and darkroom) for many, many years to come. At 48 (coming Sunday) I
hope that is 'many' years :-)

I'm not about to sell off the enlarger and trays just yet.  Never know when
the whiff of developer will draw me back into the dark, and my pet project
(rebuilding a beautiful old Deardorff 8x10) will ensure the connection.