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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 80/2,8 for portrait ?

Austin Franklin wrote:

> [...]
> > I also found the hood design to be clutzy in that it required the
> sequential folding
> > of the hood leaf by leaf, as opposed to the very simple operation of the
> Rollei hood.
> Ah, that explains it.  You had a very old camera.  Since the mid 60's I'd
> guess, the hood has been of the same basic operation as the Rollei.  This
> may also explain your lense issue, as you were probably using a C
> lense...which, again, would be mid to late 60's at the latest.

The squeeze-to-fold hoods are some 20 years later, available since the

> [...]
> The Hasselblad has had, even in that era, a crank available.  It has had a
> crank standard since the early 70's I'd say.

Available since the late 50's, standard issue since the mid 80's. ;-)

> [...]
> Yeah, you used an old clunker, that you didn't give enough time to get
> to, or probably have anyone to show you how to use it, so I understand why
> you would feel as you do.  But, be aware that you were using a 40 year old
> camera, that has been substantially updated...in fact, I'd say each of
> issues, except the darkslide, is now not an issue.

Some people just don't like cheese, no matter what age, some people do. ;-)