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Re: [Rollei] Tuesday is Imacon Day in NYC

Dear Rich:

I am in New York at this time for a
short visit.  I wonder who you might
recommend me to sell me some profoto
lighting equipment.  Looking for a
Profoto Acute 2R Pro Value Pack.
Please exclude from the people you
may want to mention me B&H.

Thank you,

Jose Juan Gonzales.

>From: Photovilla  
>Reply-To: rollei  us
>To: rollei  us
>Subject: [Rollei] Tuesday is Imacon Day in NYC
>Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 03:17:16 EST
>  Hi Folks,
>For anyone who would like free food, drink and scans, Tuesday, November 
>2001 from 12 noon - 8pm EST is IMACON DAY at The Photo Village.
>We are on 594 Broadway, 410. That is between Houston & Prince in NYC.
>Of course our main goal is to sell scanners... but I suspect most on this
>list are already familiar with the scanners...so perhaps for you all it is 
>day to get a $30 scan for free. We will do one for each customer on a 1st
>come 1st serve basis as many as we can do by 8pm.
>BYOD (Bring your own disk.) We will be showing the 646 and the 848 and a
>staff member from Imacon will be on hand to demonstrate the equipment and
>answer technical questions.

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