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RE: [Rollei] OT: Crown Graphic recommendation

>I'm finding myself doing quite a bit of 4x5 portraiture and I'm tired of
lugging a
>Linhof Kardan around, so I'm thinking about picking up a Crown Graphic.
With so many
>years of wisdom represented on this list, I though I'd fish for some
>about what to get.  If anyone can help me determine which model, which
features, and
>most importantly, which lens, I'd be grateful.

Best source for info is this site: www.graflex.org

I recently got a Pacemaker Crown Graphic as my first 4x5" camera. They are
pretty rare here in Europe, so I bought it from the US (with all the extra
costs of shipment, duty and VAT). It's a great compact and portable camera
and still great value for money. The camera, 545 holder, polaroids, two film
holders and other small stuffs fit nicely in my wife's old Kiplin "brief

So far, the only drawback I have noticed from the camera is that it doesn't
offer front swing. This feature is included in the the Super and Super
Speed. My lens is a 135 4.5 Optar and this lens does not have enough
coverage for full shift.

Siu Fai