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RE: [Rollei] Scissors straps on eBay...

IMO, the only way to use eBay is to simply bid at the very end, and bid the
highest amount you are willing to pay.  That prevents you from getting into
a "bidding frenzy", worrying about someone else outbidding you...as it'll be
too late to do anything about it if you bid with 8 seconds left.  If you
win, you didn't overpay for the item, and if you lose, you didn't overpay
for the item ;-)

And of course, nothing beats doing good research beforehand, knowing what to
pay, and what you are bidding on.


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On the contrary, I believe that auctions are very efficient, at separating
fools from their money!  And I speak as one of those fools.  In a frenzy
I have overbid at the beginning of an auction and hopefully waited for a
bigger fool to outbid me.  Most of the time they didn't.  Proving that I
was the biggest fool.
Roy Majoe wrote:
In all likelihood, it's because of trigger-happy ebayers who don't know any
better -- case in point -- the same strap was offered by the same seller in
a different auction (closed an 15 min. later) and that one went for $86.
Just shows you how inefficient auctions are.
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> OK, what's the deal here.  I can buy a brand new from Rollei
> scissors strap
> for $90 (the FX strap)...but people on eBay are paying $127.50 for these.
> Are the new ones from Rollei not "up to par" or something?
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1393179834
> Has anyone purchased a new FX scissors strap, and if so, how is
> it different
> than the 2.8F strap?
> Thanks,
> Austin