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Re: [Rollei] TLR sex appeal

>From: Bill Bresler:
>Pay attention to the quote below. When a female says
>something like that, she's putting the photographer in
>a specific catagory...GEEZER!
>I had one of my classes out on a shoot today. I used my
>E2. One student asked another what camera I was using.
>She replied "some old box camera"...

I believe I can survive those comments as I'm only 31. ;-)

It's irritating when I see Rollei TLR's on eBay, and the seller refers to it 
as a "Box camera". But on the other hand, if I can find a seller outside 
eBay who believes his/hers Rolleiflex/cord is a Box camera just like an old 
crappy cardboard/bakelite camera, maybe I could get it cheap. ;-)

"Oh, it's very OLD! I don't think you even can find film for it anymore, and 
if you could, the photos would be yellowed and unsharp for sure"


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