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Re: [Rollei] My London photos

Thanks for looking and the nice comments. I am not into any Leica vs. Rollei
controversy, as I use both brands: Leica M is my basic system, but I also
have Leica SLRs and a Rolleiflex TLR. The little Rollei 35 is the camera I
take with me on business trips when I absolutely cannot fit anything bigger
into my luggage.

And you are right, the cool guy is actually a bouncer. I just walked up to
him, said that he looked cool and asked to take his picture. He happily


spass   wrote:

> I sent a copy of "Drawing Room at Athenaeum Club" to a friend and he
> raved it had the Leica Look. Ha ha to the Leitz guys.
> I must admit though, when I selected pictures for opening, my first four
> were ones you identified as shot with your Leica. I really loved my 35SE
> for the 6 months I played with it, but it is on the block because I lost
> shots which required critical focus in "grab shot" situations and I did
> not have the light to use the 35SE's depth of field.
> However my last comment is contradicted by your "Cool Guy" shot, as that
> one looks like a grab (even with ASA 200). PS, he looks more like a
> bouncer, not a patron; at least, that's the same pose and smirk I used
> when I did bouncer and BG work.

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