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[Rollei] 6000 series lens for weddings

A friend at my photo school is doing a wedding.  She
has seen some of the work I do and asked if I could
work with her.  She would have a 35mm setup (don't
know which one) and wanted me to do the formals.  I
warned her that it would be my first time doing a
wedding.  Well, specific wedding experience aside,
what lenses would your guys prefer and why?  I have
read about some guys using the 60mm and the 120mm
macro lenses.  The 60mm for the candids and group
shots and the 120mm for the formal portraits with the
macro capability for a closeup like a ring shot.  I
guess it's either this or
the common 50mm, 80mm and 150mm.  But if you go for
the 150mm for portraits, wouldn't you want a small
extension tube to get tighter shots?

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