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[Rollei] My London photos

(cross-posting to Rollei list due to high Rollei content)

I have begun using Photo.net to display some of my images that timewise
did not fit into the Picture-A-Week schedule. The first set is a folder
of pictures from London taken during the past several months. Some of
them are on my PAW site, others are new. Have a look at:


Most of these 26 images were taken with the Rollei 35, but there are
several Leica M shots as well.

Comments welcome as usual.


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Nathan Wajsman
Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland

e-mail: wajsman@webshuttle.ch
mobile: +41 78 732 1430

Photo-A-Week: http://www.wajsman.com/indexpaw2002.htm
General photo site: http://www.wajsman.com/index.htm