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[Rollei] Re: Coating and Collimating

> I had JVS do the recoating on one of my E2.8 Xenotars.  It will look great,
> but bear in mind the lens will have a slight color shift which is only
> noticeable on transparencies. To get around this I use a R1,5 which
> compensates when shooting trannies.

This surprises me -- John made a point of explaining to me that he closely
replicates the original purple, but applies the coating at a much higher
temperature, which makes it harder.  I was also under the impression that
coating colors don't really affect the color of transmitted light (although
that does seem a bit counterintuitive).  How does the color shift manifest?

Also -- and this is a delicate matter -- Bill Maxwell has noted that a few
Rolleis have come back to him for recollimating after being recoated; there
is some concern that Focal Point's collimator is a touch off.  I wouldn't
want to be the one to point this out to JVS, who is cl

Douglas Cooper

early a (deservedly) proud guy.  Also, the problem may well have been fixed.
Worth checking, however, to see whether you have any focusing errors.


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