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Re: [Rollei] Alternate straps

Yes, attach those clips to an Op-Tech strap and you have the
best of the best.

Jerry L

bigler  wrote:

> > I have a 3.5E...with the scissor like connectors. I'm not a big fan
> > of this strap...little more comfortable like the Domke straps. Are
> > there any other straps
> IMHO the best of both worlds (the old one vs. modern times) is to
> preciously keep the scissor clips and re-attach them by re-riveting to
> any kind of modern strap to suit your taste. Rollei scissor clips are
> built to last forever. And yes, the thin leather strap that used to be
> the standard in the 1950s and 1960s is definitely perfectible.
> But if your Rollei TLR is designed for scissor clips, the best is to
> keep those clips as the best way to attach any strap either to the
> camera or to the ever-ready leather case.
> --
> Emmanuel BIGLER
> <bigler