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Re: [Rollei] 120 Film in the Adirondacks

- --- Anthony Gal <agal  > wrote:
> I'll be vacationing in to upstate NY later this
> summer and want to bring
> my Rolleicord V.
> My last trip to this region was 32 years ago with a
> brand new Fujica ST
> 701, which got me
> through high school, college, and graduate school.
> Although I'll be
> bringing a stash of 120 film, I
> may need more.  [That wonderful fresh air might just
> cause me to get
> shutter happy].  If anyone
> knows of a good source of film or a camera store
> that sells used
> equipment please let me know.

Good camera.  I also have a 'Cord V and like it very
much.  It's been my workhorse camera and I used it to
make most of my MF B&W and color shots.  I highly
recommend the Maxwell Matte screen for it.  It's easy
to install.  For film, I'm mostly a B&W person but
would definately take Velvia and RDP III along.  If
you don't like slides, then maybe Reala and NPC?  For
B&W, why not try Acros 100?  Or stay with your more
familiar emulsions of you don't feel like testing it. 
Also, FP4+ in PMK does kick butt.  I don't know why I
haven't used more of it.  One of my favorites is still
TX in PMK at EI 250.  I've bought most of my film from
either B&H or Adorama so they should be competitive
price wise.  Have fun and scan in some of your
favorites to show us if you get the chance! :-)

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