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Re: [Rollei] leather case lokking like plastic ;-);-)

> >Sorry to inform you that the case which came with the Prism was
> >always leather...

> Thanks!...it IS leather, just leather with an appearance quite
> unlike that of any other F&H case I have ever seen.

There is a certain approach in luxury goods, where real expensive
items look like ordinary items. Only the real connoisseur makes the
difference at a glance. When you think that a gold watch is true
luxury, you are not there. True luxury is : platinum watch cases
looking like steel, powerful luxury cars that never exceed speed
limits on roads ;-);-).

Similarly the beginner-RUGger will be happy with a leather case that
looks like real leather ; the advanced RUGger will be happy that for
certain distinctive items, F&H preferred some kind of expensive
leather that actually looks like soft plastic ;-);-);-)

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER