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Re: [Rollei] Re: Shutters

> I'd say more like the difference between Subaru, Toyota and Mercedes!
> Bob

And the implication is that Compur is Mercedes?  A professional 
landscape photographer I know once told me he owned a kit of 
Schneider lenses with Compur shutters.  The outfit was stolen and 
he replaced them with Fujinon lenses in Copal shutters.  He 
thought the Fujinon lenses were sharper than the Schneiders, and - 
in particular - he considered the Copal shutters to be superior in 
every respect to the Compurs.  He refused to use Seiko shutters, 
because they have a lever that flips back with a crash when the 
shutter is released.
- --
Curtis Croulet
Temecula, California