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Re: [Rollei] GX/FX selftimer??now record speeds!

on 6/3/02 7:24 PM, Rich Lahrson at tripspud   wrote:

> I was under ten, but had two older brothers and can remember their
> Elvis and Fats Domiono records on 78, as the family didn't have a lp
> player yet.  Also, somewhere in the mid-fifties, the 45s appeared.  Rich

My dad was a radio DJ in the late 40s and into the 50s.  We used to have a
house full of 78s.  This was Virginia in the days of segregation, so no
black performers or groups could be played.  I remember my dad grousing
because he wasn't allowed to play "race music" as it was called.

I ought to check my mom's basement some time and see how many of the records
are still there.