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[Rollei] RE: GX/FX selftimer, film and a frog

>From: Fox, Robert
>It's not as much a performance issue as much as branding I suppose, just as
>anything with the red dot and spelled "L...." is magically considered to be
>great, while anything on a Chinese camera may be considered cheap. People
>who drive Ferraris don't want know that some of the parts were made in Asia

When a film is sold under the name Bergger it's a superb film for fine art 
photgraphy, but when it's sold by the real manufacturer Fotokemika in 
Croatia it's a cheap east-european film. (efke 100, also sold as Forte 200, 
Jessops 200 and Bergger 200)

Last week scientists opened the grave of Birger Jarl, the founder of 
Stockholm. In the grave they also found bones from a FROG. The question is 
now: Who was the REAL founder of our capital city? :0))


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