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Re: [Rollei] Vitessa advice? Trade?

Well, this is annoying:  the rangefinder on this Voigtlander Vitessa, which
was working beautifully, just started sticking today.  I'll focus, and the
double image will move, then stop, then click into place.  What's up with
that?  It's as if the prism lubricant just dried out or something.

Any quick fix?

If it's going to involve a CLA, then I'm thinking of just trading it to
someone who wants to put the money into it -- I have too many normal-lensed
classics anyway.  So, this being Friday:  I'll now consider trading the
Vitessa *plus* my MX, for a later model of Rolleiflex.  Both are very, very
clean.  The Vitessa is a solid Ex++, with case, instructions and box.  (The
case a little more worn.)    The MX is Mint-/Ex++.  The lens has very light
fog on an internal element -- this doesn't seem to affect contrast, but
could easily be cleaned; and it has no scratches.   The Voigtlander's lens,
an Ultron 50/2, is *perfect.*

Anyway, I'd rather fix this Vitessa myself, if it's possible.  (I had a
probably ridiculous idea of putting the camera in the fridge for a while,
then taking it out to see whether this loosened up whatever's in there --
seems to me slightly gummy lubricant.  I only had this ridiculous idea
because today's an unusually day in New York, and this is when the problem
began.  Feel free to tell my I'm out of my mind.)


Douglas Cooper