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R: [Rollei] Omag enlarger.

Hi Jose.
As far as I know, Leica Geosystems never made enlargers: in fact, this is
the name of the company resulting from the merger of the former
Wild-Heerbrugg, Kern-Swiss and Leica (at least that branch of Leica which
made surveying equipment, like thodolites, transits, levels and similar

Leica enlargers were made by another branch of Leica (the guys who also make
cameras), but I don't know an enlarger called Omag; I heard of Focomat and
Valoy enlargers, but no Omag.

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Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 5:22 AM
Subject: [Rollei] Omag enlarger.

> Dear Friends:
> I realize how knowledgeable the group is, and have for you a
> two questions.  I have an Omag enlarger.
> As far as I have been told a bit, Omag enlargers
> were made by Leica Geosystems in the past.  It is all
> information I know about it.  My two questions are:
> a) If you know any history about Omag, it would be appreciated.
> b) The enlarger came with its own lens (an Alpinar 75 mm. f/4.5).
> It´s strange, no other lens can be attached to it.  I had an adaptor
> made to fit a Rodenstock printing lens, but the projected image
> of the negative by the enlarger can´t get focused right and sharp.
> To my disappointment the only way it can work is if the enlarger
> is attached with its own lens.  The problem is that the lens may need to
be cleaned.
> If it can not be cleaned (it has a foggy look), do you know about someone
> who may have spare of this kind of lenses for sale?
> Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.
> Very truly yours,
> José Juan Gonzales.
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