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Re: [Rollei] FS: Rollei 35S Black

For Sale/Wanted Updated list

Hi Gang,

NEEDED: Would like to work out a trade for the following:

* Waist level finder for Canon F-1

* Older HP Calculators

* Work our trade for an Elan 7 for my EOS-3

* Super Graphic 4x5 outfit with high quality lens. Film holders, tripod . .

Thanks for those of you who are helping me clean out my den!

As I do not want to mess with returns please ask questions if you are
interested off line (jwaid  ices do not include Shipping,
Handling and insurance cost. These will be extra. I will accept PayPal but
buyer needs to add 2.9% for PayPal fee (orders over $100.00 I will pay for
PayPal fee)

NEEDED: Would like to work out a trade for the following:

* Waist level finder for Canon F-1

* Older HP Calculators

  a.. Work our trade for an Elan 7 for my EOS-3
  b.. Super Graphic 4x5 outfit with high quality lens.

Hope you all will enjoy my equipment as much as I have.

* Rollei Focusing Lever - Marked 50-250 : used on an 80mm Planar on my 6006
camera. Some brassing but in nice shape. $75

* Pistol Grip for Rolleiflex 6006/SLX: This is the nice one that is more
rectangular in shape with the hand strap and Allan wrench in the handle.
Very hard to find this item as Rollei no longer makes this model. Like New
in box (box not in great shape) $150

* Rollei E15B Manual flash unit: I used on my 35S. No cord. Works great. $15

*Rollei Bay 1 equipment as follows:

- - Rolleisoft 1 filter with leather case: NM $35

- - H-1 filter w/leather case: clear glass, like new case. $30

- - Gelb-mittel filter w/leather case: Good shape $30

- - Gelb-hell filter with leather case: Good shape $30

- - Red filter: Clear glass. $25

- - Orange filter: Clear glass. $25

- - Yellow filter: Clear glass. $25

- - Bay 1 Rolleinear/Rolleiparkeil close up lenses and case, 2 pieces - #1:
Some coating problems on viewing lens and taking lens in good shape. $35

- - Lens hood or shade: $35 each - have three

*Rollei Bay II equipment -

  a.. yellow filter (gelb-mittel) - $25 Clean and clear
*Rollei Bay III equipment -

  a.. yellow filter (gelb-mittel) with leather case - $40
  b.. Rolleinar 1 top lens only with leather case - $30
* Rollei Leather/metal Binocular Focusing Hood - would be Ex++/Mint-, except
that the springs have torn through slits on the inside -- an easy repair)

* Rolleicord 24 adapter: Looks new in leather case $25

* Rollei Metal Lens hood: Not sure what Rolleiflex it fits. Since it is
larger than my Bay 1 shade and smaller than my Bay 3 shade, I am assuming it
is Bay II but can not be sure. It is marked 34. $35

* Rolleiflex/Rolleicord Panorama Head:crack in glass, no bubble - needs
repair $45

* Bay III adapter spacing rings (w. screws) for Mutar 1.5x : Like new in box

* Set of Bay II 42mm spacing rings (w. screws) for Mutar lenses - Like new
in wrong box -- says "Bay 3 1.5x": $120

* Rollei 45 Degree Prism for TLR w/Case: Missing two little screws, plastic
eye piece not in good shape but Penta lens OK. Clear prism glass but has
small chip or abrassion on lower right edge when viewing. Does not effect
focusing. Couple of small dimples on top of prism. Zipper needs to be
repaired on case if desired. $145.00

* Lens eye piece for prism in box labeled Rollei Penta B : Cracked plastic
but lens is perfect. I was informed that the lens in the box might actually
be the normal lens (it looks that way) and not the Penta B. It makes a nice
magnifier for looking at objects that are close . . . like the glass in a
lens . . $20

* 3.5F Rolleimeter in leather case: Meter in great shape, case good, zipper
loose. $100

* Rolleiflex/Rolleicord 6X6 Platten-Adapter, W/Silver Box: Complete ( has
extra film back (4 total)- Is for older type as it has the red window in
back. Very Rare! $150.00

* Rollei Plattenadapter with Yellow/Red box: complete and in nice shape.
Focusing screen not perfect. Rare! $150.00

* Rollei focusing screens: Three total not in good shape. 1) plastic, 2)
plastic with split level, 3) glass - all in plastic pouches. $10 each

* Nice Leitz folding Mini Tripod with wonderful Giottos MH-1002 ball head -

* Collectors Guide to Rollei Cameras by Arthur Evans, 5th printing, May
1990: New, still in plastic. $25

* Tiffen Bay 1 to Series 5 filter adapter with yellow and orange filters:

* Sigma 70-210 UC Zoom lens for Canon EOS system: No rear lens cap. Produces
excellent results! $45

* Metz 30BCT4 Flash: Works great but looks like it needs to have the shoe
mounting bracket super glued. It looks like it had been clued before. No
cord. $35

* Metz SCA 312 AF with SCA 300A cord: Excellent shape. Fits Metz handle
mount to EOS (600, 620, 650), EOS (1/RT/1000), EOS (1000F/1000FN), EOS Rebel
& Rebel S. It has flash ready lamp, flash sych., TTL flash control,
autofocus measuring flash. Cord may be detached. $95

* Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller: Like New in Box, For EOS-3. $125

* Canon ET-1000N3 Extension Cord: Like New in Box, For EOS-3 remote switch
RS-80N3 and Timer TC-80N3. $65.00

* Canon FD lens shades:

  a.. BW-52A: $15
  b.. BT-52 (2x): $15 each
  c.. BS-55: $20
* Canon 50mm, F1.4 Breech Lock lens, 55mm filter size: Sharp lens in great
shape. $62

* Majic Lantern Guide - Canon Speedlite 540EZ Flash System - Out of print:
LN - $20

* Majic Lantern Guide - Canon EOS A2E includes A2 Used with highlights - $15

* Canon EOS-3 body - Like new in box. $800.00

* Canon 70-200, F2.8 "L" lens with tripod mount and hood - Marks on front
element that does not effect the image. $900.00

* Canon 28-70, f2.8 "L" lens with hood and case - Like new in box. $1000.00

* Canon 550EX flash - Like new in box. $320.00

* A2 Top Cover: Like new looking. Item came from a camera repair store.
Looks like a replacement for flash and command dial. Not sure of condition.
Has command dial, pop-up window for flash, a motor, command window and
circuit or wiring board of some sort in the head." $25.00

* Camera Batteries, New in Sealed Packages -

     * 2CR5 Sanyo Lithium: $5.25
     * DL123A Duracell Lithium(2 per pack): $5.25
* Bower 30.5mm collapsible rubber lens hood for Rollei 35S: New in box.

* Cal-Pro Special Effects Devices, 7 pieces, 58mm : $75

* Kowa 58mm UV filter in case: $12.00

* Kowa 6 Focusing Lever and Ring - $25

* 62mm Vivitar Wideangle collapsible hood: $6.00

* Vivitar MonoPod: Nice shape. $35.00

* Series 5 and 6 adapters, filters and hood: About 15 items, some in boxes
and most are Kodak items. Nice set to have $15.00

* Zeiss/Ikon yellow filter push-on type marked 37: In nice tortoise colored
hard case: $7.00

* Gossen Lunasix and case: Nice shape, very close reading to my other Gossen
meter when looking at a gray card but do not know how accurate either meter
is. Very close to "Sunny 16" rule. Would need to be calibrated to your use.
$55.00 (Possibly sold)


* German Rollei 35 - Carl Zeiss lens - nice shape but needs repair of
winding mechanism. Told all parts are there but I can not guarantee this.
$85 - SOLD

* Canon 540 EZ flash unit: Like new in box. Instructions are all readable
but not in new condition. $185 - SOLD

* Rolleicord Vb 16 adapter: Looks new in leather case $25 - SOLD

* MX-700 Fujifilm digital camera: Like new in box $150.00 - SOLD

* 50 - 2-1/4x2-1/4 glass/metal slide binders/holders: Used. Transparencies
still in the holder. $20 - SOLD

* 12 -Rollei 77 Slide Trays : Various condition (need help to price - The
only one I have seen was $10.00 that that seems high) - SOLD

* Rollei Bay III Collapsible lens shade - Faltsonnerblende III (hard to
find): Like new in beat up box. $75 SOLD

* Canon 60 T3 Remote Switch - Used on a Canon A2 camera: Like New in box
with instructions $30.00 SOLD

* Voightlander Vitessa with Ultron 50mm F2 lens!: Nice shape with case and
box w/ waltz filters. Case and box in good shape but not great. $170 SOLD

* Bayonet 30mm (B30) filter set, Hoya brand: Like new in box. Includes 81A,
81B and NDx2. Nice set for your Yashica TLR. All for only $12. SOLD

* Rollei TLR Pistol Grip w/Rolleifix adaptor: Nice shape but looks like
cable release needs to be repaired or replaced. $30 SOLD

*  UV filter w/leather case: slight scratch in filter that will not effect
image. $30 SOLD