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[Rollei] FS: Rollei 35S Black

FS - Rollei 35S Black (Singapore), 40/2.8 Sonnar lens.  Purchased by me in
1979 and serviced only by Rollei.  The paint on the top cover plate is a
mess -- rough, wrinkled, and worn with brass showing through in places.  But
otherwise, the camera is in extremely nice cosmetic and operating condition.
The leatherette is completely tight, the black bottom plate is still shiny,
the controls and lens look like new, and the meter is accurate. Photo
quality exceeds any other camera I've owned. With new Rollei wriststrap
(cord), new battery (fresh PX625!), and original mint instruction book, but
no case.  $210 incl. shipping.  Steve Mosier in Charlotte, NC
(mosier  ).