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Re: [Rollei] Ultron vs Heliar?

Well, I finally received results from the Ultron 5/2.  Wide open, I think
it's going to be a superb portrait lens.  Specular highlights have a bit of
that squashed shape in the corners which I associate with the Summarit --
coma, I guess.  All in all, however, a pleasing lens.  Seems wicked sharp.
I'm interested in knowing how this compares with the other high-end
Voigtlander lenses -- the Heliar and the Apo-Lanthar (which is, I take it, a
Heliar with expensive glass).

I'm becoming quite adept with this peculiar thing.  The diamond-shaped
rangefinder patch is... well, *more* than peculiar -- and small -- but it
seems accurate.  

Douglas Cooper