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[Rollei] Re: OT Canonet QL17

Philippe Tempel wrote:

> I'm on the lookout for a small camera for my neighbor.
> I've been looking at a Canon Canonet QL17 and a used
> Minox 35GL.  She already has a Pentax SLR (forget
> which one) but wants something smaller for her hiking
> trip.  The QL17 has a lower price and faster lens but
> has the PX625 mercury battey issue.  The Minox costs a
> little more but is smaller probably not as rugged and
> no rangefinder.  I like the Rollei 35 personally, but
> she wants some sort of automation (even if it's only
> aperture or shutter priority).  I could go for the
> newer point and shoots cameras we talked about
> earlier, but am interested if anyone has any
> experiences with these two.

Have experience with both... Recommend the QL17. Also suggest you look for a
nice Konica Auto S2... not as small but inexpensive and killer lens... BTW I
have no problems finding PX625s... just bought 6 for 3 bucks each... they
will live nicely in the frig for years...

Eric Goldstein