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Re: [Rollei] Agfa Scala (was Nathan's PAW 17 substitute - London snaps)


I really like Scala and that is the standard film I feed to the Rollei
35. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than regular B&W film, and the
processing is a bit more expensive than regular E6, but I find it worth
it. There is a way to process it yourself, but as far as I know the
process is too involved to bother.

When I lived in Belgium, there was only one lab to have it processed, in
downtown Brussels. Here in Switzerland it is a lot easier, I just drop
it off at my usual 1-hour lab, they send it out and I have it back the
next day.


Philippe Tempel wrote:

> I heard that there are only a handful of places that
> process Scala nowadays.  I think Duggal here in NYC is
> one of them.  Where do you take yours to be processed?
>  I also read somewhere that there's a kit available to
> process them.  I'd be curious to see how well it
> does...

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