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RE: [Rollei] RE: Rolleinars vs. bellows

> As far as the final magnification is concerned, there is no difference
> except that you need 3 Rolleinar sets where the Mamiya will
> close-focus as standard.

And you can even get much closer using a high quality close-up lens. I use
the Mamiya, paramender and a Ca*&n 250U close-up lens to get real close. For
me it's the only way I financially can afford to get 1:1 (and beyond!) in
medium format. Ad an CdS poro/magnifinder and you don't need to compute
exposure compensation. I'm sure it's not as good as the Makro-Planar but at
least I don't have to sell my car for that ;-)

> But I've used a Mamiya 220 occasionnaly and I like very much the
> built-in bellows capability, although the 220/330 camera is
> significanty heavier and bulkier than my Rolleiflex T.

It is definitely much bulkier and heavier than a T but compared to a 2.8F
the weight difference is just about 120gr. The C330 on the other hand weight
about 500gr more than a 2.8F. Both cameras cannot be compared with any
Rolleiflex but their Tele and Wide version are at least affordable. And I'm
sure the 2.8F, Tele and Wide trio combined will weight more than a single
C220/330 body and set of lenses ;-)

Siu Fai