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RE: [Rollei] Steam, and Rail: Very VERY OT

I have to concede that I am NOT a railfan, but not without reason. My older
brother and my father are BOTH railfans to the extent that they both work in
the railways (Victoria, Australia) as well as use all their spare time with
model railways, scratch building HO guage stuff, for which they are both
nationally 'famous'. My mother and I used to sit at the dinner table bored
to tears....

I do have two anecdotes however. My father was very senior in the Victorian
Railways (now retired) and when I was 8 years old, put me in the cab of an R
class steam locomotive, as it was slowly (walking pace) moving through the
yards at Spencer St station in Melbourne, in prep for a rail exhibition. The
driver then told me that as we reached the platform, to turn this big
wheel(or lever, I don't quite remember) as hard as I could, and jumped out.
I was scared rigid, and had my eyes glued to the end of the approaching
platform. As soon as we reached it, I turned the wheel as hard as I could
until it stopped, and the train actually halted. Of course the driver had
been watching my every move, but it was down to me - the hero! Talk about
"Wait until I tell my mates!"

The second is photography related. My brother had a sideline company that
did engineering drawings of old locomotives/rolling stock for creating scale
models. He is also a photo fanatic, and a couple of days after taking
delivery of a Nikon F5, probably only a week or two after their release, was
at a railway museum. He was there simply to photograph/measure a coupling
between a certain locomotive and tender, as he needed a few dimensions and
perspective. With this gleaming new high-end camera, he obviously looked
like a pro. Why? Because moments later, 3 guys standing nearby watching what
he was doing, came up and photographed the same coupling....

No, he doesn't own a Rollei...