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Re: [Rollei] Re: 2.8C or D?

Craig Roberts wrote:
  As you say, it's one of purest mechanical devices I've seen.
> It's like my old, beloved Leica M3. They're a joy just to hold and admire.
	Craig, I liked this post from photo.net enough to copy it:
[begin quote]
The 2.8C is a self-defining form, as is a sonnet or a law of physics. It
carries its own beauty and
     limitations, and you learn to discipline your vision to suit. Keep
it, let it show you what it has to
     teach. It has more to give than you or anyone else will ever be
able to exploit, and it will do so
     without batteries. This sounds fulsome and overblown: perhaps. But
I had one and missed it far
     too much when I sold it. The second one stays. Its limitations are
its gift. Take some Verichrome
     Pan or HP-5, and you're in for some wonderful surprises. What a
camera! Bests, Joe

     -- Joe Cantrell, March 16, 1999  [end quote]

But I must say, I've seen them with brightscreens and recent CLA's for
around $500.
	Phil Stiles NH USA