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Re: [Rollei] Re: 2.8C or D?

Eric said: "Good luck...and take your time finding the right camera and

Thanks, Eric. I will.

Truth be told, if I actually had 950 bucks to spare, I'd probably buy the
2.8C anyway,  As you say, it's one of purest mechanical devices I've seen.
It's like my old, beloved Leica M3. They're a joy just to hold and admire.

I realize both of these cameras are anachronisms, but that's what appeals to
me (us?).  The main reason I don't buy an E or F model is the archaic
selenium metering within, useful though it may be.  To me the purely
mechanical cameras, unfettered by electronics, are more attractive. One
reason is that their designs seem less transient.

I do not resist progress, however. I'm having an absolute blast with digital
photography, too.  But, somehow...