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RE: [Rollei] What's the difference between charger "G" and charger "N" for 600x?

Thank you Jim and Bob for your help!

> Austin:
> Take a look at the xeroxed 6008 manual that I gave you a little over a
> year ago.
> Look on page 12 or perhaps 14, there you should find that the green
> light is for normal charging and the red light is for rapid charging...
> it is switched on according to the battery condition and temperature.

I have the 6008 SRC1000 manual, and it says the same thing...but you'll
notice it doesn't say what happens to the green light when charging is done
(or perhaps it just keeps up a trickle charge, so technically, charging is
never done), if it switches off when done, or just stays on forever.  Since
the red light turns off when rapid charge is done, I would guess that the
green light might also turn off when done...but it appears that is just
stays on forever.

> But more importantly, you may have the wrong charger.  The G was made
> for the 6006 and SLX.

In the 6008 SRC1000 manual, it does show a "G" charger, so for this camera,
it appears to be the right one.

Thanks again,