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Re: [Rollei] The Polaroid collection.

on 3/11/02 7:49 PM, Richard Knoppow at dickburk   wrote:

> My understanding is that many Polaroid photographic materials are
> actually made for them by Kodak and/or others. That could be helpful since
> there is no overhead in the form of maintaining a physical plant and payroll.
> I think Polaroid may be more vulnerable than conventional materials to
> the inroads of digital photograpy because digital offers instant
> gratification, or at least rapid access images, and of potentially higher
> quality. 

Digital is killing Polaroid's instant picture market.

Fuji makes the instant film that they outsource, not Kodak.  Agfa makes the
35mm C-41 film they sell.  SX-70 and other non-peel-apart films are made
by Polaroid in their own facilities.