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Re: [Rollei] What's the difference between charger "G" and charger "N" for 600x?


Take a look at the xeroxed 6008 manual that I gave you a little over a
year ago.

Look on page 12 or perhaps 14, there you should find that the green
light is for normal charging and the red light is for rapid charging...
it is switched on according to the battery condition and temperature.

When the light turns green,
put your foot down on the gasoline.
Sometimes, you got to relax your mind.

When the light turns red
put your foot down on the brake instead.
Sometimes, you got to relax your mind.

When the light turns blue
what in the world are you gonna do?
Sometimes you gotta relax your mind.
   Jim Kweskin, (I think) circa the 60s 

But more importantly, you may have the wrong charger.  The G was made
for the 6006 and SLX.  I had a G with the 6006 which I recently traded
for a 80-200 Leica-R Zoom, (no more of that silly "M" RF stuff for me!).
The charger for the 6008 is the N and the battery for the 6008 is marked
as follows:

Battery 10V
T 1.25A slow acting
Made in Germany

Whereas, and if I remember correctly, the 6006 battery was marked

T .95A , etc, etc.

The N charger has a label as follows:

AC in ~100-240V
      50-60 Hz 12W
sec =15V 1A (the = sign is squiggly)
a symbol (fuse?) followed by 0.8A/T slow      

I know that the 6008s have the capacity for more juice because my 90mm
APO PQS Macro has a prominent red & white label that cautions one to NOT
use it on the 6006 because it draws too much juice for that camera and
can damage it, (the camera).

So, if you have the higher capacity battery, then it might not get fully
charged with the G charger.  But what do I know?  I went to art school
but you are an engineer.  So I leave it to you to determine if the G
charger is best for your 6008.


Austin Franklin wrote:
> Anyone know what the specific differences are between the charger "G" and
> charger "N" for the 600x?
> Thanks!
> Austin

Austin Franklin wrote:
> The manual states that the red light is on when the charger is in "rapid"
> charge, and the green light is on when the charger is in "normal" charge.
> It says that when the rapid charge is completed, the red light goes out.  It
> does not say whether the green light goes out or stays on, even if the pack
> is completely charged.
> Does the green light stay on forever, or does it turn off when done?
> Thank you!
> Austin
> P.S. In case anyone was wondering, though I have had my 6008 for a while, I
> didn't have a charger.  I have a very good bench power supply, that I can
> use as a charger, and it worked perfectly...just hooking up the leads was a
> bit of a chore...so I finally bought a real charger.