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Re: [Rollei] Prism finder for 6008i


The best way to prove that statement is to
put an 80mm lens, stopped down to f2.8
on the 6008, and with a lightmeter placed
behind the eyepiece measure the transmitted
light, compared with a prism on the 2.8F.
Same scene, and the same lighting of course.

I hope to do that test when Jan Boettcher
visits us in La Jolla next month. His
inamorata limits him to four cameras plus
lenses on their trips.



Jim Hemenway wrote:

> They're not dim at all. I use the prism finder on my 6008i all the time
> instead of the WLF.
> The prism finders for the old TLRs _ARE_ very dim in comparison.
> Jim
> http://www.hemenway.com
> Sung Nee wrote:
> >
> > Somebody mentioned using the prism finder. I read somewhere that the prism
> > finders for 6008 are all very dim and are not recommended. Are there any
> > new models out that are brighter? Or is the "dim" report not correct?
> >
> > Nee Sung