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[Rollei] Friday For Sale

Hey guys -
have some stuff for trade or possible sale -no set prices, just send me 
a reasonable trade or cash or combination thereof offer-

What I have:

Rolleiflex 3.5 F Planar     - Good condition,clean glass,  nice user,  
missing some leather fromt the
                                         crank side -cond. 7 of 10
Rolleiflex 3.5 F Xenotar -  Awesome cosmetic conditon, slow speeds 
sometimes stick, meter
                                         needle stuck, aperture wheel 
hard to turn, but shot a roll and it works
                                         cond 81/2 of 10 cosmetic, 
mechanical as described
Rolleiflex Pistol Grip      - good user, scuffs and dings, complete, 
works fine
Rolleiflex Prism             -scuffs, some paint missing, from top, bit 
of seperation, solid user
Two 3.5 F EverReady Cases - one is excellent condition, second in decent 
conditon, w/ some scuffs,
                                                not too bad

What I'm looking for -
Hasselblad 500c, c/m or 501 c/m User complete w/ lens and 120 back - 
user only requirement is good glass and solid mechanics