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Re: [Rollei] Re: My Retina died yesterday (RIP)

At 10:56 AM 02/03/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Joe B,
>If it is truly the 47mm (not 50mm) f 2.0, it is only
>the best ~2inch lens ever made in the US.  I have
>had several, in Kardons, Retinas and Bantam Special.
>They were just about equal to the 40mm Summicron
>or the 40mm Sonnar, which is saying a hellof a lot!
>I would rather have the 47mm f2.0 Ektar over any
>lens that has ever been installed in any Retina.
>I'm sure that Herr Knoppow can supply you with
>the information on number of elements etc.. as my
>older books are still in storage.
>Eric is completely correct in his assesment.
>Jerry Lehrer
>Joe B. wrote:
>> On 2/1/02 at 12:05 pm, egoldstein   (Eric Goldstein) wrote:
>> >
>> > This was a relatively rare camera, as few of these cameras were fitted
>> > the expensive and highly corrected Ektar f/2 lens and was only in
>> > manufacture for a year or two... it does not surprise me that the chromes
>> > were superb and personally I would choose the 50 mm Ektar f/2 over the
40 mm
>> > Sonnar f/2.8 in a heartbeat... (Nomex at the ready!)
>> >
>> I just got one of these although it apparently needs some work done
before I can use it. Can anyone tell me anything more about the lens- like
for example what it is like at wide apertures, or what kind of Ektar it is,
how many elements, anything at all?
>> Joe B.
  The 47mm, f/2.0 is a six element Planar (or rather Biotar) type. The one
for the Bantam Special was the very first lens to bear the name Ektar.
Kodak also made a seven element 50mm, f/1.9 Planar type for the Ektra camera.
  The Ektra had a couple of interesting lenses made for it. The 35mm, f/3.3
Ektar is a Heliar type, one of the series Altman designed.
  The Bantam Special Ektar, the Ektra lenses, and the early Medalist lenses
were all soft coated on internal surfaces.
  The Ektra was not successful probably because it was released too close
to the outbreak of WW-2, but it also had some ergonomic problems and got a
reputation for shutter problems. 
  I wonder of any Rollei types have working Ektra cameras?
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA