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Re: [Rollei] off topic

Hi Ellis,

     I had a Weston Ranger 9 exposure meter.  I think you're right about
battery situation today.  A Wein cell or some conversion.  Anyway, it
reads down to very dim light and the 'window' view of the reading was
useful without having to use a combersome accessory as with the
Gossen Lunapro and it's 7/15 degree semi-spot attachment, which
competed with this Weston at the time and which I've also used.
My prefered meter is the Pentax Digital Spot.  I had to sell mine,
but I'll get another.




Ellis Feldman wrote:

> I have been looking for info about the Weston Ranger 9 Exposure Meter.
> If i recollect the big difference is that it is battery operated and
> has the optical viewer in the body to help aim the meter toward the
> field to be measured.
> The battery I assume was a mercury battery replaceable with the wein
> battery.
> Thanks for any help and have a happy new year.
> ellis


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