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[Rollei] RUG faq.html update notice

Hi Ruggers,

The following WWW FAQ document:


has just been updated to reflect some additional material discussed on
the RUG or new Internet links found since the last FAQ release.

To get a copy of the very last version of the RUG 'text' or 'html' FAQ
by e-mail, between WWW releases on Ferdi Stutterheim's site, please
send me a blank e-mail message to <bigler   with either of the
following *subject* lines:
  send rug faq         (to get the pure ASCII text version)
  send mime faq.html   (to get the .html version as an attached file)

- --

The major change in this release is that I have (temporarily)
withdrawn the section dealing with keyword search since, to the best
of my knowledge, there is no RUG archive repository equipped with a
search engine that I have been able to use. I'll be happy to be wrong
on this issue.

- ---
This will be the last RUG faq.html release before Christmas. So, merry
Christmas to all.

- -Emmanuel <bigler  

- ---------------------------------------------
RUG FAQ : what is new in this revision 2001-12-18 (previous was 2001-11-20)

1. Introduction

Additional contributors, either for new contributions or extracted
from the RUG archive, corrections to names or e-mail addresses:
- ---
 Siu Fai Au            <siufai   (new e-mail)
 Adam Bujak            <adambujak  >
 George Ivanyo         <gti  >
 Sven Keller           <keller.schaefer   (new e-mail)
 Rob McElroy           <idag  >
 Rei Shinozuka         <shino  > (new e-mail)
 Howard Wells          <sandwell  >

   2.2 favourite acronyms, photographic terms and trademarks

 FAQ    see  http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/jargon.html#FAQ

 3. Information available on the World Wide Web

    3.1 Archives of the Rollei Users group:

  http://digistar.net/rollei started on May, 1999
 and there is also a search engine as http://digistar.net/rollei/search.html 
 unfortunately this tool does not seem to work.

 ** for the moment, (end 2001) and hopefully temporarily, no
    searchable RUG archive seems to be available
- ---
    3.2 Rollei-related WWW links

      3.2.1 web sites, general Rollei information

 Rollei-Werke vs. Rollei Fototechnic, a note about the history of the
 Rollei company by M.J. Small:
 http://www.photographical.net/gallery_rollei_wp.html  Peter Wolff's "Rolleiflex Wallpaper Gallery"
- ---
      3.2.2 web pages with advice and answers to specific photographic questions

 About camera/lens trade names and their origin: posts by R. Knoppow

 The following book by Arthur Cox covers the same subjects and lists
 nothing less than 500 lens diagrams covering almost all pre-1975 lens
 "Photographic Optics", Cox, Arthur, ISBN 0-240-50844-0 (FOCAL
 PRESS, 596pp, 15-th ed., 1975).
 On front cell focusing (e.g. some Tessars, not R-TLR tessars) by R. Knoppow:
 About leaf shutter thread sizes, lens mounts, flange to film plane
 distances in various cameras, etc : see W.J. Markerink's web page
 (pointed to the RUG by H. Wells and G. Ivanyo)
- ---
      3.2.3 web pages with advice and answers to specific Rollei questions 

 A picture of the first Rolleiflex TLR (1929)
    "Comparisons - 3.5 Xenotar vs. Planar?"
 The point of view of Richard Knoppow on this "RUGgers' favourite,
 fascinating and passionate question", and related thread:

- -------------------- 
 Picture if a Rolleicord Vb:
 Pictures of a 2.8F Planar:
 The Rolleicopi Polaroïd (TM) back for R-TLRs, by S.F. Au:
 12/24 frame counter issues for 220-enabled R-TLRs by J.W. Jensen and
 M.S. Small: 
 Similar questions, including pressure plate issues, by R. Shinozuka
 and D.-R. Schmitt and related  thread:


- --------------- 
 http://digistar.net/rollei/2001-12/0230.html (A. Bujak)
 http://www.rolleirepairs.com/models.htm        (H. Fleenor's web page)
 Rollei Fototechnic Coded Numbering System, by S. Keller, M.S. Small,
 B. Shell, and related thread:
 Zeiss lenses, serial numbers by M.J. Small:
- ---
      3.2.4 Do-it-Yourself (DIY): maintenance, repair, home-made accessories, home darkroom

 front panel removal and twin lens adjustment on a Rolleicord III, by
 R. Urmonas and P.K. Kollas:
 Camera body cleaning by F. Stutterheim and R. Urmonas
 Film and Darkroom questions:
 120 film spool variations, by R. Monaghan:
 using infra-red film with a R-TLR by N. Wajsman:
 The illuminating system of an enlarger, a tutorial by R. Knoppow
- ---
      3.2.5 Rollei-Voigtländer products

   Notes on the history of the Voigtländer company, posted on the RUG by
 M.S. Small, and related discussions:

- ---
 SL35 "Voigtländer" Lenses by M.J. Small and R. McElroy 

 4. Bibliography

    4.2 Photographers' works ; most images taken with a Rollei camera

 "White Light Silent Shadows," Cratsly, Bruce, ISBN 0-9657280-5-6,
 (ARENA, 1998). Info by ArthurWG "... a large format book of B & W
 photos by Bruce Cratsly, shot entirely with a Rollei TLR."
 "La fête", Doisneau, Robert, ISBN : 2-84567029-X, (TANA, 2001). Info
 by E. Bigler: "A short text with favourite ''parisian'' songs, twenty
 30x30cm B&W offset reprints, all taken with a R-TLR"
- -------------------------------------------

Some stuff removed :

Obsolete information or repeatedly broken WWW links:

3.1 keyword search section temporarily withdrawn.