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RE: [Rollei] New Rolleinar set, why not "used" ?

> - to properly select the right bayonet size and the right focal length
>   of the rolleinar, since there are 3 bayonet sizes (plus the rare
>   bayonet size IV, OK, and the rare rolleinar-rolleicopi IV, OK Siu
>   ;-)) and 3 focal lengths available. This makes 9 possibilities.


A couple of weeks ago, I found an article about the Philips set in an old
magazine. The grey Rolleicords were specially order by Philips and was also
sold by Philips as set under the name PM 9??? (forgot the exact numbers).
The Rolleinar 4 was used to record the image from the oscilloscope on roll
film only. The Rolleicopi-polaroid back combination did not require the
Rolleinar 4. The polaroid back can be rotated 180 degree which enable you to
take two images on one polaroid (after all, Philips is a Dutch company ;-)

> - when buying a used rolleinar or similar device, carefully check that
>   the viewing rolleinar lens is matched (bayonet size !!, focal
>   length) to the taking lens and that the prism is not missing in the
>   viewing lens. Checking for the focal length is actually hard to see
>   with the naked eye. A missing prism however is easy to check since
>   the image will not be shifted wen you turn the lens, looking through
>   it.

Older complete Rolleinar sets should contains three lenses: two (2)
identical Rolleinars and one (1) matching Rolleiparkeil. The Rolleiparkeil
is the prism. Later set contains only two lenses: one Rolleinar and a longer
but thinner Heidosmat Rolleinar. I think the chances of missing the prism
with the Heidosmat Rolleinar is pretty small but it happens sometimes that
some people sell their Rolleinar and Rolleiparkeil separately :(

Siu Fai