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Re: [Rollei] LF Film cassettes (was: light leaks)

> Hello! When you use Large format (and Rollei) film/plate cassettes,
> do you remove the slide completely or do you leave it in a couple of
> millimetres in the cassette to avoid light leaks? /Patric


When I use the Rollei cut film back I remove the dark slide
completely. As pointed by Jerry you would have hard times to use the
waist level finder on either your TLR or your SL66 !! (which was
designed to take the same 6.5x9 film cassettes, vertically). However
you could use the dedicated ground glass attachment ;-);-)

However the question of light leaks on the "entrance" slit of a cut
film or rollfilm holder is a serious one due to ageing of the
light-tight felt or foam there. If you do not remove the dark slide
completely, this may help you minimise light leaks but this will not
prevent ageing of black felt or foam.

My experience in formats larger than 6x6cm is very limited ; in my
Rollei 6.5x9cm cassettes when they are empty I store them with the
dark slide removed to let the felt "get some rest". I store the
cassette+slide with a rubber band pressing the dark slide against the
cassette, the whole is stored in a clean plastic bag to avoid dust. I
realise that I should, may be, add some silica-gel for long term
storage. Of course the felt on the Rollei cut film back is also "at
rest" when off the camera.

For Hasselblad film magazines, this question of foam (or felt ?)
ageing and replacement is well documented on Bob Monaghan's web site.
I do not think any Hasselblad user ever keeps the dark slide "partly
in" ; and, yes, there is a safety lock (blocking the release button
when the dark slide is "in") but, to the best of my knowledge, it is
actually disengaged slightly before the dark slide is completely
"out". Another point according to various distinguished Hassy users
and contributors on Bob M's web site, is that it sounds more
reasonable to store an empty Hassy magazine with the dark slide
removed to minimise foam ageing. Beware of dust, however.

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER