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Re: [Rollei] Right back for 220 TLR?

I know for sure that the Rollei people did in the past a lot of research to 
find out the best distance from the lens to the film and the best depth of 
the film channel , because in practice the film is not absolutely plane and 
you have to find a compromise for getting best shaprness over the maximum 
area. I know they had some changes in the last decades to improve 
sharpness. However, the 35 mm values were kept the same over all years from 
the first SL 35 to the 3003.


At 21:31 02.12.01, you wrote:

> > From: Jerry Lehrer <jerryleh  >
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> > Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 10:35:55 -0800
> > To: rollei  us
> > Subject: Re: [Rollei] Right back for 220 TLR?
> >
> > Have you ever used a depth micrometer
> > to measure the difference in height 'tween
> > the 24x36 and the 6x6 position?  Do it
> > and then see if you and Dork-Riger can
> > make that statement.  Please don't bring
> > up what other makes of cameras do.
> >
>No, I have not.  Have you?  If so how about
>sharing the information. If there is no difference
>between the two settings and it is indeed just to
>get part of the pressure plate out of the way of the
>Rolleikin, so be it.  I don't know.