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Re: [Rollei] BadTrans B Virus

I am a geek by trade and manage several lists...  wrote this up for my
lists...   some of it has been covered here, but thought it might be helpful
for folks...

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In addition to performing a virus scan and using anti-virus software, you
need to go to Microsoft ( http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/?IE  - click on
the general PRODUCT UPDATES in the middle of the page) and install the
latest security patches - critical updates package --- plus strongly
recommend upgrading to at least IE5 - SP2 (service pack 2)...  IE5 is a
bundle with Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express 5, and other web tools -
there is a security hole that allows worms and HAWKS to function...  the
Microsoft updates and SP2 close the hole - they will prevent worms from
affecting you...   for now...    this patch is around a year old...
practice safe cyber...

Checking Microsoft for patches monthly is a good idea...  Windows has
security bugs and there are people out there writing viruses directed at
your data...   any questions, ask...

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I get confused on RUG with some of the tech talk, then get a note from my
Linux list in a whole 'nuther language...   thanks for the commentary and


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Subject: [Rollei] BadTrans B Virus

  Beside the PE Nimbda worm another worm is currently being propagated.
This is the BadTrans B worm. Its fully described at:
 Which site also has information about how to remove it.
  This worm is specific to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
  It adds a _ to the beginning of the e-mail addresses it sends itself
from. To respond to an e-mail remove the _ .
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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA