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Re: [Rollei] Rolleicord III


Again from memory, I don't think this is wear nor is it adjustable, the only
way to correct this is to remove the 'decorative' lens panel again and
re-shim the main lens carrier....which must be parallel with the film gate
otherwise problems will occur with focussing.


> I notice that the front panel doesn't remain parallel to the film plane
> during rack in/rack out with the focus knob. Like there is backlash in the
> linkage on the left (cable release) side. If I pull my lefthand fingers
> against the panel during rack in, the panel remains parallel (if it
> is parallel). But if I don't do this, the right side pulls in before the
> left side starts. Anyone know if this is wear, or is adjustable? I'm not
> really anxious to tear it apart again so soon, but if need be, what the
> heck. I'd rather do that than try to sing in some choir.