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Re: [Rollei] 120 film containers, exist from Foto Brenner, Germany

On 11/26/01 10:20 AM, "David Adams" <elrey314159265359  > wrote:

> For that matter, just go to the hardware store.  Buy a
> length of thick walled PVC pluming pipe.  Make if the
> black kind if you want to be super sure you get
> light-tightness, but thick walled white PVC ought to
> be light-tight.  Buy some end caps.  Cut the PVC into
> 3" sections or however long you need.  Glue an end cap
> on one end and leave a loose end cap on the other.

Or get a couple of four foot lengths the flexible, clear plastic hose with a
diameter big enough to accommodate 120/220 film, load them up with film, and
wear them through the metal detector criss-crossed across your chest like
Poncho Villa-style ammo belts.


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Doug Brightwell
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