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Re: [Rollei] Re: [xray 120/220]

On 11/21/01 2:41 PM, "Jerry Lehrer" <jerryleh  > wrote:

> If the bottles are light-tight, go for it!

How susceptible to light leaks is 120/220 out of the foil wrappers in indoor

I've gotten light leaks on 220 ISO 800 film due to careless handling in
direct sunlight, but I always assumed, perhaps naively, that in open shade
or indoor light levels it'd be safe. Especially for ISO 100-400 films.

After getting through the security checkpoint, couldn't one could just put
the unwrapped rolls in a light tight box or pouch? If I were flying with my
Rollei, I'd want to be taking way more film than I'd have patience for
kludging together 35mm canisters.


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Doug Brightwell
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