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Re: [Rollei] Cleaning camera exterior?

At 09:28 AM 11/21/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Richard writes:
>>  Neat's foot oil will make old leather more flexible, but won't stop the
>>progression of leather rot.
>Is there anything that will stop the progression of leather rot?
>If there is, I'd surely like to know about it.
>Tom Frank
  My information came from a bulletin from the U.S.Forrest Service which is
on the Conservation On Line site at: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu
  It states that once leather starts to rot nothing will stop it. Dressings
tend to increase the rot although they may make the leather more flexible. 
  I think this was aimed mostly at leather book bindings but similar
leather is used on cameras and bellows. 
  There may be other sources with less discouraging data but I've not found
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA